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3 recent VMware evolutions


Digitalization of business assets has become more popular across industries as organizations look to consolidate resources and save money. This rising trend has opened the door for virtualization technology to bring additional benefits and streamline workflows. VMware in particular has been at the top of virtualization, constantly searching for ways to improve its offerings and bolster user capabilities. VMware has recently innovated three of its solutions to evolve with business needs:

1. Delving into hybrid cloud

Although VMware is best known for its virtualization offerings, acquisition by Dell has opened up a number of opportunities to expand beyond the core x86 virtualization motif. In an interview with ZDNet, VMware CTO Ray O’Farrell noted that customers wanted to leverage cloud in terms of the experience, not necessarily in a private versus public format. To accommodate this, VMware partnered with Amazon to bring the best in private and public cloud together. These efforts will solve specific challenges and help companies go through their cloud transition.

VMware is looking to support the business cloud experience. VMware is looking to support the business cloud experience.

2. Delivering desktops through smartphones

For many mobile users, smartphones have become akin to a laptop that can fit into your pocket, transported anywhere and used at any time. However, many smartphones still cannot be fully used as a computer – e.g. opening multiple windows on the same screen or using a mouse and keyboard. However, VMware is aiming to change this and provide an option as smartphones continue to get bigger screens and more powerful processing capabilities.

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 was released with a feature called DeX, which allows the phone to connect with a mouse, keyboard and monitor when plugged into a dock. Samsung and VMware teamed up to bring managed apps and virtual Windows desktops to the S8, alongside Android and Web apps, The Register reported. With this functionality, the phone is expected to be able to handle graphics-intensive applications and deliver a quality desktop experience. The partnership has also contributed to a rise in the use of VMware’s AirWatch mobility management solution in Samsung devices inside businesses.

VMware was recently made aware of vulnerabilities impacting four solutions.”

3. Sealing fatal flaws

VMware was recently made aware of four major vulnerabilities impacting its ESXi, Workstation Pro and Player, and Fusion lines. A team at Pwn2Own annual hacking contest found the previously unknown exploits through exploit chains to escape from a virtual machine and take advantage of a memory information leak in a former patch, InfoWorld reported. VMware used this information to mitigate the threats and advised users to update their solutions to remain secure. Without these evolutions, hackers could have used these vulnerabilities to host a more serious attack.

VMware is constantly looking for new ways to improve its offerings to solve business issues and meet user needs. iT1 Source is a VMware partner with premier solution provider status. This means being certified in solutions that VMware provides including hybrid cloud, desktop virtualization and business continuity. To find out more about how your business can take advantage of VMware offering evolutions, contact iT1 Source today.

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