End to end, core to edge network connectivity
In many cases, the network that was designed just a few years ago is no longer effective in today’s business environment. The proliferation of video, bring your own device (BYOD), cloud technologies and virtualized data centers has presented many new challenges for the network manager.


At the core, most networks were designed to accommodate north-south traffic – data traveling from the server at the core to the user at the edge. This traditional network was hard wired and intended for PC’s to be connected by a cable. Today, more traffic is moving east-west – from server to server – in a highly virtualized IT environment, while users simultaneously want to connect using their desktop PC and their mobile devices, including laptops, tablets and smart phones.


This demand for access to data at any time from any device is creating new challenges in terms of Wi-Fi coverage, data security and user access. Managing these next-generation networks requires not only a new set of tools, but an entirely new strategy.


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