Make life simpler for IT with automation and centralized management.

Workplace design and technology must move in unison.
As you move to the digital workplace, it’s critical to get your IT infrastructure ready. To meet the challenges, Aruba offers an integrated wired and wireless portfolio, with industry-leading advances in network management and security.

Boost employee productivity and workplace efficiency.

Aruba Digital Workplace

Harness new technology to move your business forward.

  • Aruba Delivers the Digital Workplace

  • The digital workplace enables communication anywhere and delivers business apps everywhere people work. It supports BYO-everything and does it securely and reliably. And, it makes life simpler for IT with automation and centralized management.

  • Create a Smart Workplace

  • Connect and Protect

  • Build a mobile first, digital workplace.

  • HPE mobile first services—seamless access to business-critical applications

  • A mobile Skype for Business

  • Automatically classify Skype for Business traffic, track encrypted sessions and monitor network quality for better voice and video reliability as users roam. Call admission control ensures that Skype for Business-enabled mobile devices associate with the best Wi-Fi access point.

  • See how Aruba’s mobile-first approach optimizes for the digital workplace

  • The move to the digital workplace means your IT infrastructure must be ready. Aruba’s integrated wired and wireless portfolio, secure IoT support, and advances …

  • Mobility, performance and engagement

  • How CIOs can contribute to business performance by shaping the employee experience.

  • Aruba AirWave network management

  • Offering granular visibility into wired and wireless networks, AirWave is the only management platform designed with mobile devices and apps in mind. By proactively monitoring the health and performance of all things connected, AirWave lets IT gain the insights they need to support the digital workplace.

  • Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager

  • Secure network access in a world made up of mobile and IoT devices.

Eliminate desk phones and enable collaboration and conferencing on mobile devices.

Create smarter, more efficient spaces with IoT.

BYOD changed the playing field and allowed the workplace to go mobile. Now IoT is taking things up a notch by creating smarter, more efficient work spaces — intelligent meeting rooms, location services, and real time monitoring. Aruba was there to solve your BYOD challenges and we’re ready for IoT. Are you?

Our mobile-first approach to wired and wireless.

As organizations transition to the digital workplace, the majority of users will connect via wireless, but the surge in mobile and IoT means that the wired infrastructure is critical, too. Although fewer ports will be needed, high performing switches will team up with Wi-Fi to give businesses always-on connectivity.

Automate security for BYOD and IoT.

Aruba ClearPass can now profile any IoT device, integrate with multi-factor authentication for stronger device and app security, and provide deeper insights into security incidents. Its automated threat protection features ensure that each device is accurately given network access privileges with minimal hands-on IT interaction.

Need help getting there?

HPE Services will guide you every step of the way to move your organization from legacy infrastructure to a mobile-first digital workplace, including planning, design, implementation, and integration.

A crystal ball for management

It’s not enough to troubleshoot network issues. IT needs a new generation of tools to predict problems before they occur.