Media & Entertainment

Supporting digital consumer trends with advanced solutions

Over the last few years, the media and entertainment industry has seen a significant shift in consumer activity, especially with the introduction of cloud technologies and streaming platforms. The industry has changed so quickly, in fact, that without the right IT solutions in place, media and entertainment firms risk falling behind. For this reason, these companies need to take advantage of the right tools at the right time to support their brands.

An explosion in digital advertisements

Now that most customers engage with media via online or mobile channels, entertainment companies must ensure that they are reaching out to customers on these avenues. In this spirit, there has been an explosion in digital advertisements, with more being spent here than ever before. In 2016, the American media industry will devote more than $4 billion to digital ads collectively, and this number will jump to $11.52 billion by 2020.

Most of these ads will live on the company’s own website, where others will be disseminated on social media, partner websites, video distribution networks and over-the-top channels. Wherever these ads appear, robust connectivity is needed to ensure availability for customers.

Leveraging big data: Cultivating content according to viewers’ preferences

Big data has made a splash in many industries, and the entertainment sector is no different. Now, big names like Netflix and other networks are gathering and analyzing information, and using these insights to create content that appeals to specific users. This customized experience not only helps capitalize on consumers’ changing tastes, but helps capture new viewers as well.

What’s needed in IT?

In order to support these trends, media and entertainment firms need robust IT solutions, including:

  • Network and connectivity to support online streaming content and other platforms accessed by the company’s customers.
  • Data storage and management to ensure the firm is in a position to capitalize on big data trends and analysis insights.
  • Procurement and professional services to guarantee that the firm’s partners and employees have all the tools they need for success.

With partnerships with industry-leading solution providers like Cisco, VMware, Microsoft and more, iT1 Source is in the best position to address the critical needs of this industry.

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