Client Testimonials

“As I have said many times, we are lucky to have a partner like iT1 to assist us with the many complex projects we are working on. We found the iT1 Team to be knowledgeable, responsive and sensitive to our needs for quick turnarounds for project adjustments in scope as well as timelines. We would recommend iT1 for similar projects for other healthcare providers. Thanks again for all the help!” – Dave Gray, Scottsdale Healthcare


“iT1 is an incredible company to do business with. Their level of expertise with a multitude of equipment and services options has been a tremendous asset to our organization. Our dedicated iT1 team has helped us select the right products based on our needs and has helped us save thousands of dollars without sacrificing quality as compared with solutions offered by other vendors. iT1 is exceptional with customer service and support, and it has been our pleasure to do business with them.” – Bill Hoffman, Wilkes Regional Medical Center


“As a small business owner, it is difficult to find the prices and services that the larger businesses have. iT1 has on several occasions worked very hard to find me the best solutions and prices for my needs. My rep. is very responsive and gets back to me in a timely manner, which seems to be a rarity these days. He never seems to forget that every business at some time or another was a small, single-operated business. I have and will continue to go to iT1 for any and all of my business needs. Hopefully my business will continue to grow and be successful and I can really put my iT1 rep. to work. Thanks iT1!” – Lisa Davis, Swankys Fashions


“My iT1 rep. and I have worked together for the last 12 years while she has been in the IT sales and supply industry. I have worked with many vendors over the years, but I can honestly say that I have no more trusted advisor when looking for products and services than I have in my iT1 representative. She allows me to send a rather broad request for items and concepts and mangaes to somehow filter that request into a stellar recommendation that always performs.

Recently, we have gone through two new initatives for technology that I do not have in depth knowledge on, and after one call to iT1, I was getting all of the information that I needed and more. Thanks again.” – Steven Jeffries, Professional Bull Riders, Inc.


“Our sales group had an unexpected sales opportunity and our support group was given only one week to prepare and test specific customer configuration. Once the panic died down, we realized we needed to upgrade some existing switches. Although the upgrade license normally takes a few days, iT1 was able to somehow get them to us the next day. We then realized that we also needed a small switch, but the switch that our support group specified had a 12-day lead time. Not being a technical person, rather than go back and forth between our support group and iT1, I asked if iT1 might be able to recommend a similar switch that was in stock. They responded within the hour with a substitute that was acceptable – we placed the order and – voila! – the switch arrived the next day! iT1’s ability and willingness to do this kind of legwork for us during crunch time makes them a real part of the GridIron team. Needless to say, our support and marketing folks were very impressed with the response we received from iT1. Getting this equipment so quickly took a little bit of the pressure off, since it allows us more time to spend on testing and ensuring that the configuration worked flawlessly for our customer. We have always received great service from iT1, but I think these past two orders were even more exceptional. Please know that we very much value the relationship that we have established with iT1.” – Vera Bagshaw, GridIron Systems


“I’m the Network Services Manager at Connextions and I just wanted to express my appreciation for all the great work that iT1 has done for Connextions. iT1 has become a key partner in helping Connextions meet our client’s expectations. iT1’s dedication, knowledge and responsiveness has helped us achieved many projects in a timely fashion, even when it seemed almost impossible to meet the deadline. iT1 is always proactive and looking for better ways to improve communication between our companies so that future projects can be delivered with excellent results.

Thanks again for the hard work and I’m looking forward to establishing a long term relationship with iT1.” – Jose Hanchi, Connextions, Inc.


“Since 2002, we have reached out to iT1 for all aspects of technical need. By providing swift and efficient support to meet the needs of Providence High School, iT1 has enabled us to grow our network, computer desktop and server environments three fold while being economically sound through their dedication to research and finding promotions, Smart Buys and in general great deals. Through iT1’s can-do attitude and outlook that no job is too small to deal with, they have helped Providence High School with providing much more than just technological advances; they have allowed the school to operate and promote its core values of respect, compassion, justice, excellence and stewardship. When seeing the core values listed above and thinking of the support and customer service provided by iT1, excellence jumps out to me. Over my eight year career with Providence High School, I have worked with various vendors on different projects, enhancements, and upgrades and have only been able to rely on iT1 time and time again to accomplish these projects, while other vendors have failed to do so. iT1 as a company is also very keen with lining up manufacturer direct resources, as when they lined up conference calls with Hewlett Packard to make sure that all the pieces, parts and configuration plans for a multiple blade cluster and SAN for our recent and successful MOSS 2007 migration. Some of the key advantages experienced while working with iT1 is that they are reliable, sensitive to urgency, impeccable at following up, and never leaving projects undone. Much of my success at Providence High School can be attributed to iT1’s assistance and expertise as well as seeing projects through until completion.” – Robert Parmele, Providence High School


“My words cannot express my appreciation of someone that I can rely on to help me with computer and other requests. My iT1 rep. volunteers to speak with my clients for technical questions; he answers and quotes more promptly than any other vendor I have ever worked with. My rep. is also very genuine and never pushy; he’s just extremely helpful, bright and articulate. I can’t say enough good things about him and his service. Most importantly, he treats us as if we were his number one customer. No sale or request is too small. Thank you for your service, we may be a smaller client, but we are loyal.” – Margie Maricich, Kelly Scott & Madison Fuor Digital


“Working with IT1 has great benefits, such as having distributors all over the nation, which results in speedy delivery. IT1 also has many resources as well as a trained and knowledgeable staff in specific areas that you need such as a Cisco etc.” – Keri Philcox, LivePerson Inc.


“I know you are really busy, but I have to take some time to tell you how much I appreciate everything that you are doing for us.  iT1 is by far my favorite vender to work with. I know sometimes I run you through the ringer trying to get the best bang for our buck. I do appreciate it; you make my job so much easier. Thanks again for all you do.” – Walter Bennett, American River College