About iT1

iT1 is a national, full-service technology solution provider headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona with remote office locations in Illinois, North Carolina and the United Kingdom. It was founded in 2003 with the idea of creating a value-added reseller (VAR) that combines business relationships with in-depth product knowledge to provide industry leading IT services and solutions. iT1 focuses on six core areas: virtualization, connectivity, communications, data management, technical services and corporate procurement. We serve accounts in virtually every industry including healthcare, finance, retail, manufacturing and education as well as state, local and federal government agencies.


Drive for Excellence

iT1’s goal is to be the best technology reseller and services company in the state of Arizona and beyond. We understand the challenge in front of us and depend on our customers to validate our sterling reputation as a full-service provider to the midmarket.


iT1 is backed by some of technology’s most reputable manufacturers and vendors.  By putting our customers first and adhering to a vendor-agnostic selling approach, we are closer to our customers and cultivate long-term partner relationships.


The Customer Has Spoken

When our customers speak, we listen intently. iT1 designs its solutions based around the unique needs of our clients. Throughout the years, we’ve taken their feedback to break new ground in setting, meeting and then exceeding expectations.


The iT1 Difference

In this technology-driven world of ours, there are an infinite amount of choices when it comes to technology sources and solutions. So what makes iT1 stand out from the crowd as your go-to option for resellers? It’s our ability to recognize that your business isn’t built on which brand of laptops your company uses, but how you use them. It’s our global presence and vendor-agnostic selling approach. It’s our Single Point of Contact (SPOC) to see you through any buying process and beyond. It’s our knowledgeable, highly qualified on-site team of engineers that are ready to engage with your technical team at any time.


We provide our customers with the technology they are looking for. iT1 offers full service assessments from equipment to maintenance to the recycling of old parts. The needs of our clients are weighed heavily and we deliver multiple product and solution options. With our vendor-agnostic selling approach, iT1 sales representatives will not force their clients into buying a product that is more than what their company will need or use. On the other side of that, we’ll also let our customers know when it might be time to expand their solutions along with their growing business. We have the national resources and experience to provide support at any level required to help plan, manage and implement technology strategies; whether that is acquisition, installation and maintenance of systems or an enterprise-wide technology initiative, iT1 can handle it.


We don’t want just another sale; we want a business relationship that is built on trust and satisfaction.


The Future is Bright

iT1 is a Mid-Market VAR focusing on end users (B2B) in the channel. There are over 60 active sales agents nation-wide, many are based in Arizona.

iT1 was founded in 2003 by Bryan Clifton and Guy Steinbrink who sought to create a value-added reseller that combined business relationships and in-depth product knowledge to provide industry-leading IT services that truly maximized their customer’s technology investment. While we view this goal being a success, iT1 still strives to improve in all areas of our company.


iT1 has experienced exceptional growth and we thank our clients for their continued support and loyalty.